What will a man do for the love of a woman?


What will a man give for the love of a woman?

​                           Everything.

Kelven's Riddle is the story of a good and decent man named Aram.  Born into slavery, but descended from ancient, forgotten kings, he breaks his bonds and escapes into the wild, seeking only freedom.     Instead, he finds a destiny.

Decebalus, Vlad Tepes, Dracula.

​He has been known by many names throughout the centuries.

What he names himself?  

Nemuritor, the Undying.

He has arisen again.


A magical blade, created by ancient sorcery.

Only one man can wield its power.

With the release of Daniel T Hylton's new book, The Dark Master of Grayholt, the Dragon at the End of Forever Series is now complete.

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Enmity between ancient, immortal wizards has engendered war across the face of the earth.

​One man will try to end it.

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