Kelven's Riddle is the story of a good and decent man named Aram.  Born into slavery, but descended from ancient, forgotten kings, he breaks his bonds and escapes into the wild, seeking only freedom.     Instead, he finds a destiny.

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What will a man do for the love of a woman?


What will a man give for the love of a woman?

​                           Everything.

Decebalus, Vlad Tepes, Dracula.

​He has been known by many names throughout the centuries.

What he names himself?  

Nemuritor, the Undying.

He has arisen again.

Enmity between ancient, immortal wizards has engendered war across the face of the earth.

​One man will try to end it.

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A magical blade, created by ancient sorcery.

Only one man can wield its power.

With the release of Daniel T Hylton's new book, The Dark Master of Grayholt, the Dragon at the End of Forever Series is now complete.

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